Gerri Spilka’s award winning work has been exhibited in numerous art and textile shows in Europe, Canada and the US. Trained in this order, as an artist, social scientist, and architect and urban planner, not surprisingly, Spilka’s fabric work continues to investigate themes grounded in these ways of knowing the world. The interactions and ambiguities of urban people, place, and human-made and biological forms, are expressed through two dimensional shapes, negative spaces, lines, colors, and subtle texture. These underpin all of her work.

She has been making fabric constructions for about 9 years, following several years exploring modern interpretations of traditional quilt patterns. The quick mediums of water colors, and digital and paper collage allow her to work through ideas quickly, which in turn inform her fabric work. 

Spilka is currently a full time studio artist after a rich career advising some of the most inspiring people leading social change nationally.

Gerri studied with Nancy Crow, legendary quilt artist; and has a BA from Carnegie Mellon University, an MA in Psychology from Temple University, and an M. Arch. from the University of Pennsylvania. She has a studio and lives with her family in the Italian Market area of Philadelphia, PA.

Contact: gjspilka at gmail.com

Instagram: @gjspilka

Facebook: Gerri Spilka Artist

All quilting is done by Marina Baudoin, delineated by me

All photography by Andrew Pinkham

Please do not copy any work without my permission